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    All of our content has been written for our site, there has never been 'spinning' or plagerism. If you want us to cover a topic, contact us!
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    Just like our technical articles, we have a number of e-books ready for you to download and put on your reader of choice. All fresh, all unique.
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    We have screencast videos and presentations for you to watch on various network topics. If there is a subject you would like us to cover, let us know!
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    defaultrouteUK is not commercial and we just want to help. Our forum is small but we would love your support. Ask questions and we will support you.
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    If we find something or write something helpful we'll publish it here
defaultrouteUK is an online and offline network training forum specialising in Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks training. This site is a personal challenge since I understand that the Cisco training and Juniper training accreditations path can be daunting as you set out.
DefaultrouteUK is here to benefit the data networking community and is not a corporate trying to push their latest 'get a pass quick' training programme. Cisco training and Juniper training courses can be expensive. CCNA training can often leave you feeling frustrated since it can take such a long time to fully understand the technology because there is no applied context. My approach is a desire to offer quality learning materials to support the student at a price we can all! (All donations will be gratefully accepted of course)

The majority of articles and videos have been written to target specific and key areas of the CCNA, CCNP and CCIE tracks to provide a more rounded 'real world' perspective.

All network engineers and students are welcome at defaultrouteUK. Read our content and watch our video articles. We ask for your collaboration and support by providing us with your feedback and comments. Finally, if you like what you see, remember to come back because we are adding new content daily.

We are what I have termed a social training academy.
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My name is Richard and I am CCIE #24290. I am currently studying for JNCIE and also hold JNCIA-(EX|SEC), JNCIP-ER and CC(NP|SP|IP). Networked since Doom (1992) and currently work as a network architect in the UK.
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