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  • Articles
    The articles are in-depth reviews of technology areas. I've tried to cover the topic to a degree generally not seen in 'free' resources. I challenge you to find another technical provider on the internet covering subjects to this level at no cost.
  • Drop-Offs
    The techical articles take a long time to write and produce. The technical drop-offs are all about quick and clean 'hits' of information to add value to an otherwise boring day. Use these as either quick references or as an aid to your study.
  • Videos
    I always wanted to offer this sort of resource on the site and now we've got more than 5 hours of free video for you. Topics covered include most of the common subjects an administrator will see on an IOS and JunOS network.
about the author

My name is Richard, I am CCIE #24290 and am currently studying for JNCIE. I also hold JNCIA-(EX|SEC), JNCIP-ER and CC(NP|SP|IP). I have worked in IT for approximately 16 years and currently work as a network architect in the UK.
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